Desi cow urine and cow dung play a vital role in organic farming

Gomutra therapy provides a specially rich and provocative research topic. The ancient scriptures of Ayurveda consider cow urine to be the part of life.  Cow urine is a wonderful medicine and is beneficial for treatment of diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, heart attack, blockage in arteries, fits, cancer, AIDS, piles, prostrate, arthritis, migraine, thyroid, ulcer, acidity, constipation, gynecological complications It also increase the nitrogen content of the soil, for better rearing of honey bees, hasten the pubertal age of the heifers exposed to bull’s urine and as pesticide and larvicide for the including leaves crops. Cow urine contains all material, which are naturally present in the human body. Thus,  uses of cow urine  preserve the balance of these substances and this helps cure incurable diseases like cancer, AIDS, autoimmune disorders better benefits in case of antibiotic resistance infectious diseases.


 Shiv organic Farms Desi Cow Gomutra (cow urine) is brought together from pure Desi cows, usually from Gir, Kangrej, and Hallikar cows. This Gomutra is sometimes required to as liquid gold. It plays a major part in our daily life. It has gold particles, minerals, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer component. One of the major uses of Gomutra is, it is used as a medicine. People can drink it to remedy of various illnesses. It should be well-known that to consume Gomutra, it has to be consumed within 15 minutes after collecting from the cow. If it is not possible to consume such a fresh Gomutra, it can be hard and stored for long-lasting time shelf life and consumption.

Gomutra has other applications as well. It can be spray in the house to destroy bacteria’s and germs. It can also be used for purification of the house by mixing it with water. By applying Gomutra in the house, it dismisses evil effects and creates a holy environment. In Indian tradition, Gomutra is used in Homes and house warming ceremonies.

Gomutra is also a great natural fertilizer. It can be mixed with water and intoxicated to plants. The rich nutrients existence in the Gomutra helps plants and vegetables to grow faster.


Our Gomutra is collected from pure desi cows. Desi cow Gomutra has special micro-organisms, beneficial bacteria’s, and minerals. It has various utilizations in our daily life. We gather Gomutra early in the morning right after cows wake up, around 7am. This Gomutra has more capability than the Gomutra the cows give during the day.


Desi Cow Goumutra is anti-bacterial. It can be spray in the house or used as a cleaning liquid for mopping the floor. It kills bacteria’s and germs and keeps the environment clean and safe.


In Hindu tradition, Gomutra plays a major role. It is used in various tradition and sacrifices. It’s spry in and around the environment to chase away evil effects and keep it safe and clean.


Gomutra is rich in beneficial bacteria’s and micro-organisms. It used as organic manure for plants and vegetables. It helps plants to grow faster and improving.



Pour a little amount of Gomutra in your palm and spraying in the rooms of your house or work environment.


 Mix one liter of Gomutra into 3 to 4 liters of water. Mop the floor with a mop and purified the house. Destroy most of the germs and bacteria’s. It may give a slight acutes distressing smell for a few minutes. It will go away eventually.


Add one liter of Gomutra into 5 liters of water. Pour and add into plants as you like.  Kindly don’t directly use Gomutra on the plants. It will burn the plants. It should be always added with water and used.


At Shiv organic Farms produce better use of cow dung. One of the by-products we build from cow dung is dried cow dung cake (patty). Dried cow dung cake is deep-fixed in Indian tradition. Farmers in villages help this dried cow dung cake as a fuel to cook food. They are also beneficial for havan (Homam or sacrifice) as it has many hopeful qualities.

We make cow dung cake naturally by hand. Fresh desi cow dung and Gomutra are carefully mixed and small cow dung cakes are made. These are dried under the sun for 4 to 5 days to make it useful for cooking, havan or Agnihotra.

Cow dung cakes are very useful for fire sacrifices (yajnas) and in various ceremonial movements. They create a pure and holy atmosphere when burnt. The smoke of gobar fines the air of germs. When we offer ghee in the fire as part of ceremonial sacrifices, it strengthens the ozone layer and shields the earth from harmful radiations from Sun. Traditional acumen in cooking says that in burning these cow dung cakes, the temperature never raises beyond a certain point, ensuring the nutrients in the food are not destroyed by overheating.


Our cow dung cakes are formed pure desi cows. Desi cow dung has especial properties and quite useful for fire sacrifices.


Burning cow dung cake at home along with ghee purifies the air, destroys airborne germs, and dispels evil effects. It keeps the environment clean.


    The mixture of cow dung and Gomutra are made into small cakes and    dried under the sun for 4 to 5 days. The sun-dried cakes always burn well.


Cow dung cake is most promoted for havan. Scriptures represent dried cow dung for fire sacrifices such as Havan, Agnihotra, etc.


While cooking with cow dung cakes the temperature never raises more than certain point, provide the nutrients in the food are not destroyed by overheating.


          Dried cow dung can be broken into small pieces and added to plant as fertilizer. Mix with soil and add water. Nutrients in cow dung will raise plant growth and improve soil health.