What are the Cow Dung Dhoop Benefits?

Cow and its products are a part of everyday Hindu life, primarily owing to the manner it boosts health and well-being and strengthens immunity. The purifying and germicidal properties of cow dung conjointly find multiple uses in our existence and worship. One such use is of the Dhoop sticks. When cow ghee is poured on burning dry cow dung, it creates a phenomenal amount of oxygen, which can fight pollution effectively and make the environment more pleasant and habitable. What’s more? The ash from burnt Dhoop sticks has anti-septic properties, which can be utilized to protect plants from insects. So there’s nothing like waste that necessity to be disposed of when you use a product from the Desi cow, there’s a reuse for every by-product too. These additionally tend to own ample medicative and curative properties like healing bronchial asthma, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, bronchitis, organic process issues, etc., all of that even have a cure in aroma medical care.

The incense sticks also are terribly effective in boosting focus and concentration, which is why monks associate degreed sages across civilizations have created this an integral part of their abbey and worship places. Burning incense sticks made from the Desi Indian Cow kill damaging bacteria and viruses and provide an air of divine purity. Isn’t this far better and healthy thanks to getting eliminating those dipterons too instead of victimization chemical-laden mosquito repellents that make varied respiration issues like bronchial asthma once? There are several sweet-smelling Dhoop sticks on the market within the market, that are created victimization coal and alternative artificial fragrances, that do supply a soothing result, however, are damaging once indrawn, just like the insect repellents, and with kids and aging people at home, a new way to make them unguarded to diseases is surely not what you want. So, always look for incense sticks that are made from Indian cow’s dung in the most esthetic manner. And because it’s created exploitation of all the natural ingredients, the incense sticks area unit free from chemicals.

Benefits of using Cow Dung Dhoop at Home

• It contains cow dung & cow ghee that produces a profusion of (oxygen) that empowers our system & strengthens thinking & analytical skills. It purifies the air & makes entire encompassing pure & spiritually surcharged.
• Mental Stress, Depression, Negative thoughts are removed & mind become calm & peaceful.
• It lowers the level of indoor air pollutants like SO2 & NO2 which is produced by gas stoves. It lowers the extent of indoor air pollutants like SO2 & NO2 that are turned out by gas stoves.
• It contains sandalwood, Lobhan, natural resin & Ushir that absorbs the pre-existing foul odour & replaces it with sweet smelling flavoring fragrance.
Cow dung, Neem, Camphor, Lobhan drive away evil spirits, black magic, or Negative energy from home.
• It removes bad planetary influence & Vastudosh.

Its removes mental stress

Burning incense product of pure organic Dhoop batti cow dung removes mental stress and provides peace to the mind. If you symbolize a while on a daily basis in its aroma then it’ll calm your mind and mind and can conjointly work to scale back stress.

It kills the bacteria, Purify the environment

Till date you have got been lighting solely normal incense sticks in your house. However does one recognize that it’s of no use? It doesn’t kill any quiet microorganisms and contaminates the surroundings on the contrary. as a result different kinds of chemicals are wont to build this kind of 2 sticks, however, if you utilize desi Cow Dung incense sticks, then natural resin, ghee, jatamasi, guggul etc. found within it, the microorganism gift within the surroundings of your house. Works to eliminate and keep you and therefore the surroundings healthy.

It removes negative energy from the house

There is also a benefit of using dung incense sticks as compared to a common incense stick, it’s conjointly terribly helpful in removing any quite negative energy gift within the house and therefore the smoke of dung incense doesn’t hurt anyone. He solely offers profit.

Its incense stick of cow dung makes the atmosphere attractive

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Due to being made from a mixture of things like frankincense, goggle in the dung incense stick after you burn it, it absorbs the foul smell gift within the surroundings and fills the aroma within the atmosphere. In a way, it makes the atmosphere enticing.

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Benefits it also removes planetary effects

The forecaster additionally says that cow dung incense sticks are terribly appropriate to get rid of the results of the world. If any planet has a dangerous influence on you, then purchase incense sticks product of cow dung from the market or online and burn it daily in your house. The dangerous effects of the planet can flee on its own, confine mind that the incense stick is created from the inclusion of herbs in pure cow dung; otherwise, these chemical-rich incense sticks contain a dangerous impact on the body and also the surroundings.