Why A2 Milk is Better than Regular Milk?

Milk is superfood which is consumed in almost every  Indian household , It is rich in protein, fat ,carbs and all known vitamins and minerals which is essential for growth and maintaining good health . From Young infants to Olds age People , Everyone consumes milk for its multiple health benefits, like Its good for heart health ,It keeps our bone stronger .It boosts immunity ,and also boost strength and helps in  gaining muscle .

But before buying milk many of us don’t consider the right kind of milk we need to consume. That’s why many people are lactose intolerant and have hard time digesting milk or have milk protein allergy. So, choosing the healthiest milk isn’t just about  fat content  or lactose content  . Its macros and micronutrients also needs to be considered.

Milk is excellent source of protein and nutrients  because It is a naturally  occurring substance .Most common sources of milk is Cow Milk . Different breed of cows produce different variety of milk  .Did you know there are two kinds of milk , Puzzled right?

Yes there are two kinds of milk consumed worldwide. Regular milk and A2 milk .Regular milk contains both A1 and A2 Beta casein protein ,while A2 milk has no A1 beta casien  protein . A2 milk is generally obtained from cows of Indian origin like Gir and Sahiwal or generally termed as desi cow .and A1 milk is obtained from cows of western origin .

A2 desi cow milk has lot of health benefits over A1 milk it is because A1 milk is prepared according to industry needs . While, A2 milk occurs naturally to desi Gir or Sahiwal cows. People who are lactose intolerant or have hard time digesting milk and milk related products has no problem consuming A2 Milk products .

Desi cow milk is also free from chemical and preservatives. It is also lactose free. Lactose is naturally occurring sugar which makes digestion difficult for lactose intolerant people. So A2 milk becomes easier to digest option.


Calcium –  It helps in  maintaining bones and healthy teeth

Protien – A2 milk is rich in protein which helps in building and maintaining muscle mass obtained from our desi gir cows.

Vitamin D – It helps in keeping healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamin A – It helps in  boosting  immunity and vision .

Riboflavin – It helps  to converts food in to energy.

A2 milk has naturally occurring casien protien . They occur because they are fed on natural grass ,fodder and are kept and nurtured properly in Gaushala where they have happy environment . Promoting desi cow products also helps to  preserve cultural practice of consuming milk. They also provide natural products like Bilona ghee and  other organic products .Because  milk has several benefits  and  It provides us balanced diet ,Thus Milk is considered as complete food.

Recently there has been a huge debate on A1 vs A2 milk because  A1 milk is relatively cheaper A2 milk has lot of health benefits. One of the major reason for spark of debate is presence of BCM-7 in A1 milk which is not present in A2 milk .BCM-7 has been linked to several health risk factors.

So choose wisely.